General tank

EHS offers customer multi-modal, door to door international transportation services through a diversified fleet of ISO tanks in partnership with major international tank container operators and lessors. Together with its own trucking fleet and cooperation with other first-class dangerous goods truckers in China, EHS is especially capable of handling difficult specialty liquids including IMDG classified hazardous chemicals within and from China region.

Our services include:
  • One-way tank service (Most T11 tanks);
  • Dedicated food-grade tank service;
  • Agency service for global tank owners;
  • Purchase and sale of isotank;
  • Intermodal transporation globally;
  • Fleet management of customer owned or leased tanks.
Serving customers:
  • Specialty chemical producers and traders

  • Petrochemical manufacturers

  • Food-grade and potable liquids manufacturers

  • Other specialty liquid manufacturers